McCabe’s comments hurt me

Neil Warnock
Neil Warnock
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THEY were the best of friends with a shared vision for the club they both loved.

But Neil Warnock and Kevin McCabe don’t speak to each other now.

There’s been the odd text, views exchanged through third parties and dialogue though newspapers but their friendship did not survive the aftermath of Neil Warnock leaving Bramall Lane when the club was relegated.

McCabe’s remarks following Warnock’s departure uttered among the emotional wreckage of that May day in 2007 still cut deep with Warnock.

“We have not spoken since the hearing over the Carlos Tevez business,” said Warnock who gave vital evidence at the hearing.

“The comments he made on my departure hurt me a lot, hurt me deeply. I think Kevin knows now that on reflection he should have bitten his tongue. He would have been better off not saying anything.

“We were great friends for 17 or 18 years with a shared dream for Sheffield United.

“I knew he wanted to bring in a big name and at the time I thought I should go for the fans’ sake. But there were probably only a few hundred who wanted me out. I think if I had stayed we would have gone straight back up to the Premier League. We had the best squad in the division.

“Despite that I’m proud of what we achieved at Bramall Lane.”