Man hanged himself after marriage ended

A MAN who couldn't accept the break-up of his marriage sent phone texts to his estranged wife to tell her where his body could be found after he hanged himself.

Forklift truck driver Anthony Redsull was found suspended from a tree by a walker on Arksey Common about an hour after sending the message to his wife, Linda.

She had asked him to leave their marital home a few months previously, a Doncaster inquest was told.

Mr Redsull, aged 55, was being treated for depression after the split and was living with his mother in Sunnyside, Edenthorpe, at the time of his death on June 3.

His wife said they separated in February after he became argumentative. She said: "It got too much so I asked him to leave."

Mr Redsull hoped for a reconciliation but just before his death his wife said she told him she could offer him nothing more than friendship.

She said: "He wanted guarantees that we'd get back together but I couldn't give him the guarantees he wanted. He had difficulty in coping with the separation."

She added her husband also had concerns about his health and had made an attempt to kill himself in March but police found him in his parked car before he was able to gas himself, and he promised not to do it again.

On June 3, Mrs Redsull had two text messages from her husband, the first asking her to look after his mother, and the second saying: "Sorry for everything I've put you through. Sorry to end it this way. Look after mum. Can't go on."

He also gave the location where he could be found but by the time Mrs Redsull had read the text his body had been discovered off a track near Arksey Common Lane.

Mr Redsull had drunk two thirds of a bottle of vodka before hanging himself.

Recording a verdict that Mr Redsull took his own life, Doncaster Coroner Nicola Mundy said it was clear that he had taken the separation badly and found it increasingly difficult to cope.

Ms Mundy said: "I find it significant that he sent texts to his wife asking for his mother to be cared for and that he drove to a remote location where he had to walk a mile and a half to then take the action he did. Clearly he was having great difficulty coping with the status of his relationship."

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