Lottery fever: Someone from Sheffield could win £168 million this weekend

Americas Mega Millions jackpot is now available in the UK
Americas Mega Millions jackpot is now available in the UK
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Ever dreamed of winning one of those crazy American lotteries with outrageously big jackpots? Well, now’s your chance. has recently launched in the UK and is offering customers the chance to bet on the outcome of huge lotteries from around the world. The lucky winners will walk away with the same prizes – including the jackpot – without even having to stand up.

Powerball is now also available in the UK

Powerball is now also available in the UK

The biggest jackpot on offer at Multilotto is America’s Mega Millions. The draw, which takes place in the small hours of Saturday morning, boasts a £168m top prize just for guessing the right numbers.

For just £2.50 you can take your chance on the Mega Millions jackpot by clicking here. is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, which guarantees you’ll get paid every single penny of your win if you’re lucky enough to hit the jackpot.

The World’s Biggest Jackpots

It’s not just Mega Millions: with Multilotto you can chose between some of the world’s biggest lotteries and place your bet from the comfort of your own home.

Our top four global lotto picks are:


This American giant created a record-breaking $1.5 billion (€1.3bn) jackpot in January 2016 and has created several others of more than half-a-billion dollars. It’s officially the world’s biggest lottery.


EuroJackpot is EuroMillions’ biggest rival, and is played in 16 countries across the continent. Betting on this draw offers a better chance at the jackpot than EuroMillions, and at £2 a bet, it’s cheaper, too. Eurojackpot boasts top prizes of around £60m. What’s not to like?


SuperEnaLotto is Europe’s biggest state lottery, and has seen jackpots of more than €160m. It takes place three times a week and costs just £1.50.

New York Lottery

Want to be a part of it? Well, now you can thanks to Multilotto. The New York lottery offers excellent winning odds and costs just £1.50.

While there’s plenty of choice at Multilotto, that £168m Mega Millions jackpot is way ahead of the pack at the moment. And your chance to win will cost you just £2.50.

Gamble responsibly, Over 18s only. is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission under Combined Remote Operating License Number: 000-047707-R-326101-001 issued on 19/04/2017 by UK Gambling Commission.