Last four things I bought: Tiger Works bar owner Joanne has two willing shopping buddies ever on hand with style advice...

Joanne Zsirai , at the Tiger Bar west street
Joanne Zsirai , at the Tiger Bar west street
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What has you reaching for your purse? We want to know! Bar owner Joanne Zsirai is lucky; she has two personal shoppers she can enlist - daughters Lois, 20, and Holly, 18.

Looking glamorous is par for the course when you run a city centre bar.

At 47, mum of three Joanne Zsirai has grown tired of shopping, though. Luckily the Dronfield divorcee has two daughters who know what suits mum. “They make sure I always look up to date but never fall into the mutton dressed as lamb scenario,” grins Joanne, who owns the Tiger Works on West Street. “We go to Meadowhall together, or I buy online at a lovely shop called The Pretty Dress Company.”1. Shoes, £95, French Connection, Meadowhall

I treated myself to this lovely pair of summery night-time heels at French Connection. They’re quite strappy and the beige colour means they go with a lot of things.

I thought they were quite sexy but still elegant, They are quite high but reasonably comfortable thanks to a padded bit in the sole.

2. Lipstick 12Euros, Spanish department store

I went away to Puerto Banus with my friends recently and we did a bit of shopping. I always used to wear quite muted lipstick shades but one of the friends persuaded me to buy a bright pink one. I really wasn’t sure at the time as I didn’t think it would suit me, but I love it now and have since bought another in a bright colour, too.

3. Knowing perfume, Estee Lauder, £50 in duty-free

I hate buying myself perfume. I usually get as a birthday or Christmas gift but I’d just about run out and, as my birthday isn’t until December, ! broke the rule of a life-time and bought myself a big bottle of my favourite in the airport. I’ve been wearing Knowing for years and I love it. I spray it on and instantly I’m in the mood for a good night.

Handbag, £30, Ted Baker, Meadowhall

I’ve always loved this shop and was in there with my daughter Lois when we heard they had a job vacancy. She now works there around her studies a Sheffield Hallam. My new handbag was originally £60 but I bought it in the sale for £30.

It’s really light pink with cream trim and it goes with all of my outfits