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Kevin Keegan
Kevin Keegan
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NOW the word is out everyone wants one.

Caroline and Nick have had requests for the Beatles, Kevin Keegan 1982 – the curly perm days, Alan Shearer’s 1998 look, Barcelona star Lionel Messi, the rock band Kiss, Tin-Tin, Dr Who and the Adams family to name but a few.

“People send us pictures of their dad, wife or brother and ask us to do a mini-fig like them for a birthday present or Christmas,” said former Stocksbridge High School student Caroline.

“We have even done some figures to be handed out at a business conference instead of business cards and we did a ‘Will you marry me’ one for someone in New Zealand. We’ve sent them to the US, Australia, Indonesia and all over Britain.”

Are there any figures they won’t do?

“Obviously we have to be sensitive and avoid controversial figures, that’s not what we are about,” said Nick. “It’s all fun and though we did do some Remembrance Day figures and one on of Neil Armstrong when he died we haven’t made any of those to sell. They were just our tributes, marks of our respect.

“We wouldn’t want to make money out of anything like that.”