HEALTHY LIVING: Bleepers ease hospital waiting stress

MUMS and dads visiting Sheffield Children's Hospital can now go for a coffee or a walk in the park to reduce the stress of waiting, thanks to a new set of bleepers.

The pagers, which cost 4,500 and were funded by The Children's Hospital Charity, are now in use in the Outpatient Department, allowing parents to roam up to a mile away if clinics are late or an emergency situation occurs.

Bleepers are handed out to parents by reception staff which buzz five minutes before the family are needed for their appointment.

Mum Samantha Hurman, who had brought her seven-year-old daughter Alanna in for an appointment, said: "I was just reading about it, it looks like a good idea – when there's a

queue there can be a long wait!"

John Reid, director of nursing and clinical operations at Sheffield Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said: "It's important to us that families get a good balance between excellent medical care and providing a good overall experience at our hospital.

"Sometimes all mums and dads want is a short walk without the fear of missing their slot."

More pagers, that were introduced following a patient survey last year, are in the pipeline to go into other departments this year including pharmacy, opthalmology and X-ray and for parents whose children are being operated on, allowing mums and dads to be there when they wake up.Lymphoma charity support meeting

A NATIONAL charity for people affected by lymphatic cancer is urging people in Sheffield to attend the next meeting of a city-based support group.

The Sheffield branch of the Lymphoma Association will meet on Thursday January 13 at the South Yorkshire Police Sports and Social Club in Niagara Road from 7.30pm.

The group is made up of people who are, or have been, affected by lymphoma in some way – whether they are a patient, family member, friend or carer.

For more information and to attend visit or call the freephone helpline on 0808 808 5555.

Best age is 29 to succeed on diet

THE perfect age for women to go on a diet in Sheffield is 29, according to a new study.

The survey found that women in their late twenties have the best willpower and determination to stick to diets and are still concerned about looking good.

In contrast women in their thirties in the city are too busy to watch their weight, while those in their forties and fifties have lost interest in getting the perfect body, according to the research carried out by Lambrini Light.

Walk-in centre is busy with flu sufferers

A SOUTH Yorkshire walk-in centre experienced its busiest festive season ever due to a dramatic increase in cases of flu.

Rotherham NHS Walk-In Centre saw a 42 per cent increase in drop-in patients between Christmas and New Year, compared to the week before Christmas.

The busy spell is set to continue throughout January withpeople continuing to suffer from flu.

Maureen Jameson, the general manager of the Care UK-run centre, said: "There has been a steep rise in flu cases across the country, so people should not only make sure they are doing everything they can to prevent the spread of germs, but also have all the information to hand about the relevant local NHS services available should they require further medical assistance."

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