Healthy eating, a fresh start to the New Year for lifecoach Nicky

Nicky Valantine and her healthy fish recipe
Nicky Valantine and her healthy fish recipe
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Sheffield lifecoach Nicky Valantine is practising what she preaches.

Her mantra is ‘feel the fear’ - then get on with changing your life. And as she helps clients stick to New Year resolutions, she’s made a vow of her own.

“I usually face the scales each January, but this time it’s going to be different. I am focusing on my health and well-being,” says mum of two Nicky, of Wadsley.

“I had a hectic last half of 2013 and didn’t look after my body well. I want to eat more healthily and that means increasing cooking skills that only went as far as following what it said on a packet. I’ve started cooking with friends who enjoy cooking and already my repertoire has increased. I found this fish recipe very easy to do and it tastes fabulous.”