Happy canines are a breed apart

Best friends: RSPCA Sheffield branch's Stella White, with Tilly the greyhound.
Best friends: RSPCA Sheffield branch's Stella White, with Tilly the greyhound.
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LABRADORS and huskies, greyhounds and Staffies, terriers and poodles. Dozens of dogs have found new homes – thanks to you, readers of The Star.

Dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes have featured in our Give a Dog a Home Campaign. And, as a result, many of them have been given loving homes.

All the dogs featured had either been abandoned or taken in by RSPCA inspectors after being cruelly treated.

And each and every one of them was given shelter at the RSPCA Animal Centre in Attercliffe. All but a handful of these friendly pooches have now been adopted, causing centre manager Stella White to pay tribute to The Star and our readers.

Stella said: “The campaign is proving to be a great success and we have definitely had an increase in interest.

“Visitor numbers, both to the centre and our website on days when we are featured, have increased and a number of long-term dogs have been rehomed, which is wonderful.

“We have customer feedback forms which are filled in by visitors and many of them quote that they ‘heard about us from The Star’.

“I’d like to thank the paper and its readers – long may the campaign continue.”

Oodles of poodles

One of the stories The Star ran included an adoption plea with a difference.

It came after RSPCA inspectors rescued a dozen neglected poodles, which were brought to the centre to be rehomed.

And not long after they arrived, the poor dogs started having pups... bringing the total to 28!

The good news is that, thanks to The Star’s campaign, all but two of the poodles – who needed various operations due to their mistreatment – have been found a new home.

Mowgli the Husky was Stella’s first-sight love

WHEN Stella Parkin first clapped her eyes on Mowgli it was love at first sight.

And that was despite the giant Husky doing all the things dogs shouldn’t when they are trying to attract a new owner.

Housewife Stella, aged 57, said: “When I went to see him he barked at us and retreated into the back of his cage.

“But my husband Patrick sat down by the cage and talked to him for a good half hour so he could get to know us.

“Then I looked in his eyes and he looked into mine and that was it. We were having him.”

Although Stella and Patrick were sure they wanted Mowgli, they weren’t sure how the other two Ms in their life – Mya, a white Siberian Husky, and Mindy a Staffy – would take to him.

Stella said: “Mindy is getting on a bit and Mya is about the same age so we weren’t sure if they would get on.

“There were a few funny looks between them at first! But they seemed to tolerate each other and pretty soon they were getting on.”

After RSPCA inspectors completed their checks, the Parkins took Mowgli home to Shaftesbury Avenue in Doncaster.

“He’s lovely,” said Stella. “He has chewed up his bed and he can be a little horror at times but we love him.

“Every night he settles down with Mindy and Mya and they nod off to sleep.

“I’m so glad we were able to give him a home,” added Stella.

Xena has that diamond sparkle

XENA the bull terrier may be a little deaf – but otherwise, according to her new owners, she’s a real diamond dog.

When Beverley Pack and her husband Dave saw the beautiful pooch gazing out at them from the pages of The Star they knew she was the girl for them.

The couple from Park View Road, Hillsborough, Sheffield, had owned English bull terriers before.

They were still trying to come to terms with losing their last pet to an incurable kidney disease in August.

Then Dave saw Xena on front of The Star and immediately let Beverley know.

RSPCA Animal Centre manger Stella White showed the couple around, and told them Xena is deaf.

She advised it might take them a bit of time to all get used to each other.

But they got on like a house on fire from the off.

Beverley said: “It is as if we have always had her.

“She needed to learn a few manners around the house, but she is a rough diamond and she is doing really well.”