Gardening: What to do this week

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Here are some jobs to do around the garden this week - June 2, 2013

Check: that containers and hanging baskets aren’t drying out. They may need watering every day, even if the sun hasn’t been shining.

Continue: to harden off outdoor tomatoes and courgettes as temperatures rise.

Disbud: border carnations for larger blooms.

Cut: back alyssum and aubrieta in the rock garden after flowering.

Sow: seeds of fast-maturing annuals directly into the ground and thin any seedlings sown earlier in the year.

Sow: spring-flowering biennials such as forget-me-nots, sweet Williams and wallflowers.

Divide: early-flowering perennials such as primulas.

Lift: spring bulbs when the foliage has died down (after about six weeks) if you need the space and store the bulbs in boxes in a well-ventilated shed.