Games legacy a good deal for city

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I TAKE exception to Whitworth’s cartoon in last Saturday’s Star. Where would Sheffield be now if we had not hosted the World Student Games?

The facilities built on the wastelands left following the destruction of much of the steel industry at that time have given Sheffield a sporting legacy to be proud of.

Along with Don Valley Stadium they include Ponds Forge, Hillsborough Leisure Centre and the Arena. I suspect that the English Institute for Sport would not have been based in the city had these venues not been here to show the council’s commitment to sport.

These facilities have made Sheffield a better, move lively and exciting place to live in and more attractive to visitors.

What would Whitworth rather have done in 1991? Left the place a dirty, desolate area? Used it as a dumping ground? Built more shops? He should be thanking Peter Price for his vision.

Considering all this was done by the people of Sheffield with NO government assistance we should be proud of what we have.

Other cities such as Manchester have since had sporting facilities built with much government funding and grants.

It is unfortunate that the Don Valley Stadium is not now fully utilised and government cuts have forced the council to have to consider its closure.

I hope this does not happen and that alternative funding can be found.

Had we had the assistance other places have had there would be no residual debt. Despite this I still believe the people of Sheffield ended up with a good deal – some of the best sporting facilities in the country.

Margaret Parkin, Aldene Glade, Sheffield S6