Fringe benefits of pop singer's new venture

SO what happens to pop singers after a fleeting brush with stardom?

If you're Louise Fudge you open a hairdressing salon.

Back in 2000 Louise, one third of the Sheffield girl group Supersister, was helping to raise temperatures with the club anthem Coffee.

That's the one which goes: I like my men like I like my coffee/ Hot, strong and sweet like toffee.

Now Louise, after training at the Andrew Collinge Academy in Liverpool, and L'Oreal in Manchester and Rome, has moved into Tranquillity at Esporta in Archer Road.

How did it go, Louise?

The coffee was strong and I was dreaming/ That you'd take me to boiling point.

You never know, she might burst into song.

But just don't ask her for an instant . . .

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