Friday night shopping with her twin sister is a weekly treat for footie-mad Paula Higgins, kids’ party planner with Sheffield charity Buzz Ltd

Paula Higgins, Children and families Co-Ordinator for Buzz Community Project
Paula Higgins, Children and families Co-Ordinator for Buzz Community Project
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What has you reaching for your purse? we want to know! Paula Higgins goes shopping with her twin sister, but has her own style. She’s football-mad and a Converse collector!

“Football is so important to me - I’m either watching it, playing it or thinking about it!” confesses Paula Higgins.

But then, so are Converse trainers. “I have over 20 pairs - from Superwoman to Batman styles,” confesses the 26-year-old from Ecclesall who organises mobile crèches and hosts children’s parties for Buzz Ltd, a charity which gives profits to help vulnerable children. “My favourite shop is Schuh in Meadowhall. I go on Friday nights with my twin sister after a hard week at work.”

Paula’s last four buys:

1. Football boots £50, Decathlon

I play for Socrates FC at Totley, the only all-female club in the Sheffield and Hallamshire area and have progressed from a junior club to the Women’s League. We play on Sunday afternoons and train on Tuesday evenings. I was in desperate need of new boots and thanks to my Grandad Tingle’s ‘poor grandchild fund’ I now have new boots. The first time I wore them I got ‘man of the match’!

2. Christmas socks, £1.99, Oxfam

I love Christmas! For me it’s never too early to start the Christmas countdown. Mine has been my homepage since July! I spotted these socks and thought they were just the thing to wear when Buzz stage their Christmas extravaganza at the Treble Bob pub at Balborough on Monday December 23. I’m trying to convince the whole team to buy a pair and wear them too!

3. Overnight Stay in Blackpool, £44 family room

Everyone should see Blackpool lights at least once! Me and a group of friends decided to make a night of it, so after managing to encourage my twin sister to downgrade from a posh and expensive 4-star hotel we booked a lovely, basic B&B called the Shore Hotel which meant we could afford to experience a great night out in Blackpool as well as the lights.

4. Inflatable paddling pool, £15, Argos

This might seem like a very strange thing to buy in December, but it’s not for holding water - it’s to make a ball pool for our mobile crèches and parties. Pump it up, fill it with balls, instant fun. This one is the perfect size for any venue we turn up to, be it a church hall, children’s centre or someone’s garden. As I bought it out of season, it was half price.