Dogged determination over pedigree papers

A pedigree shih tzu.
A pedigree shih tzu.
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SHEILA Haynes has a shaggy dog story to tell after a row with a Sheffield dog breeder over her ‘pedigree’ shih tzu.

She answered an ad for a puppy placed by William Turner of Rivelin Park Crescent, Stannington and paid £400 for a little bundle of fur she called Poppy.

Sheila took her home and says she was told her pedigree certificate would be sent later after it was released by the Kennel Club.

But, as the pup grew, she became increasingly concerned something wasn’t quite right.

The classic shih tzu characteristics of a fluffy coat and a ‘chrysanthemum’ face were absent, she says.

And when she asked Mr Turner for the certificate she claims she was fobbed off.


MR Turner offered to reimburse Sheila, in return for the dog.

And he said he would welcome any DNA test on the mother and the father.

But he failed to say why he had not forwarded the Kennel Club certificate.

He added: “I’ve done nothing wrong.”

A Kennel Club spokeswoman said she could not find any William Turner registering puppies from the Stannington address.

She added: “Kennel Club registration generally takes a few days, so there is little reason for puppies to leave without the paperwork.

“And certainly we do not ‘release’ paperwork to a specific time frame as was apparently suggested by Mr Turner.

“In this situation I would suggest the lady get in contact with Trading Standards.

If she has paid for a puppy that is Kennel Club registered and received a puppy which is not, she will certainly have a case – particularly if the puppy is not of the breed stated.”

Call the Kennel Club to check if a dog is registered on 0844 4633980.