Colin Drury puts his musical life in order

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I re-ordered my CDs this week. Previously they were in alphabetical order which I think is definitely the best way to order CDs.

That way the order is quite easy to understand. If you want an act beginning with A, you simply look under the A section and, realistically speaking, it should be there. Abba, for example. If you have two or more bands beginning with the letter A, you obviously use the second letter. Abba, for example, would come before Alkaline Trio. And if you have more than one album by the same band, though there is the potential for things to get tricky, my personal preference is to order these albums in release date order from the oldest to the newest. I can’t give an Abba example for this. I don’t own any Abba albums. Incidentally, bands starting with ‘The’ should go under the first letter of their second word. The Clash, for instance, would go under C. This seems pretty obvious to me. Otherwise you would get lots of CDs under the letter T. Now I’ve written that, I can’t think of any practical problems with having lots of CDs under the letter T but it’s just something I’ve never done. Solo artists could be filed under their first or last name. This is down to personal preference but it is better to choose one method and stick to that, I think. I have a CD by Jamie T. I have always been confused as to if this should go under J or T. I put it under T. I say I’ve always been confused. In fact I’ve never actually thought about it again until just now when I needed to fill space. But I reordered my CDs this week. There are many ways I could have done this, I suppose. I could have done it in date order or genre order or another order. Those would have been legitimate ways to order CDs. But I actually did it in colour order. I started with white sleeves on the top right hand side of the shelf – which is from Dronfield Antiques in Abbeydale Road – and I ordered them so the colours progressed to yellow, through the spectrum of all the colours until at the bottom left hand corner of the shelf are the black sleeves. It doesn’t look great if I’m honest with myself but no-one so far has noticed the difference anyway so that’s good. In any case, it doesn’t really matter. I don’t really listen to CDs anymore.