City of the future is crafted right now

THEY might look like science teachers setting up some complex experiment, but in fact this pair are building a city from the future.

Sort of.

Artists Graham Ellard and Stephen Johnstone are creating the mini metropolis according to plans first made in the 1930s for a sci-fi movie set partially in the 21st century.

"It's bringing to life someone's vision of the future now we're in the future," says Stephen who can be seen at work until January 29 at Site Gallery in Brown Street, Sheffield.

The vision is that of legendary Hungarian artist Lazlo Moholy-Nagy who created his abstract Everytown for the film Things To Come. It was never used, though, because director William Cameron Menzies feared it was so stunning it would overshadow the rest of the movie.

"Which it might have done," says Stephen who, like Graham, is 50 and comes from London.

But why rebuild it here? And here in Sheffield?

"We're interested in architecture and the relationship it has with art and film," he says. "And Site Gallery seemed to get what we are trying to achieve."

The pair will later film the model to create the sequence as Moholy-Nagy imagined it.

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