CHIP SHOP OF THE YEAR: Which chippy will batter the opposition in this year's competition?

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We are on the look-out for the best chippy of 2017.

Cod or haddock? Mushy peas or curry sauce, with or without salt and vinegar, we Brits love a fish supper from the local chippy, and with thousands of chip shops in the UK everyone has their favourite!
Now we want you to tell us which of your local chippies gets your vote.
It could be because of the freshly-cooked food, traditional style dishes, select and exclusive dishes you can find in only the ‘plaice’ you use. Perhaps you love the friendly staff, the traditional style or the way your fish is fried.
We have drawn up a list of chip shops and restaurants which will compete for the title of Chippy of the Year 2017.
Entries will be printed in this paper and online until Saturday, May 27, 2017, so you can vote for your favourite. So who is deserving of a ‘plaice’ in our list of top 10 finalists?
To vote from the list, simply return the coupon in editions of The Star, stating the full name and address of the chip shop or restaurant you wish to nominate.
Closing date for nominations is 10am on Friday, June 2, 2017.
Photocopied or defaced coupons will not be accepted. Hand-delivered coupons to the office or coupons received after the closing date will also not be accepted.


Abbey Friar, 986a Abbeydale Road, Sheffield, S7 2QF
Alberts Fish &Chips, 746 City Road, Sheffield, S2 IGN
Aphrodite Fish Bar, 28 Alexandra Road, Sheffield,S26 4TB
Arbourthorne Fish Bar, 133 Northern Avenue, Sheffield, S2 2EH
Ballifield Fry, 36 Balifield Drive, Sheffield,S13 9HS
Barracuda Fish Bar, 219 Duke Street, Sheffield,S2 5QP
Betty’s Traditional Fish and Chips, 1 Fitzwilliam Street, Sheffield, S1 4JL
Brenda’s, 2 Earl Way, Sheffield S1 4QA
Bridges Traditional Fish &Chip shop, Jaunty Way, Basegreen Sheffield,S12 3DZ
Broomhead’s, 21 Crookes, Sheffield,S10 1UA
Butlers Fish Bar, 13 Dyche Lane, Sheffield,S8 8DX
Chino’s Fish and Chips, 50 London Rd , Sheffield, S2 4LR
Chips n Scales, 5 Elm Lane, Sheffield, S5 7TR
Codraphenia, 82 Walkley Bank Road, Sheffield,S6 5AL
Darnall Fisheries, 130 Main Rd, Sheffield, S9 5HQ
Dave’s Fish Bar,89 Meadowhall Rd,Sheffield,S61 2JD
Derbyshire Lane Fish Bar,220 Derbyshire Lane, Sheffield, S8 8SE
Devonshire Chippy, 105 Devonshire Street, Sheffield, S3 7SB
Devonshire Chippy,280 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, S11 8PE
Four Lanes Fisheries, 156 Leppings Ln, Sheffield, S6 1SX
Flying Fish ,105 Sicey Avenue, Sheffield, S5 0RH
FryMaster (2016 winner),653 Attercliffe Rd, Sheffield, S9 3RE
Greystones Fish Bar, 15 Greystones Road, Sheffield, S11 7BJ
Handsworth Fish Bar, 309 Handsworth Road, Sheffield, S13 9BP
Harry’s Fish Bar,22 Wostenholm Rd, Sheffield, S7 1LJ
Heeley Green Fish Bar, 256 Gleadless Road, Sheffield, S2 3AH Hicks St Fish &Chip Shop, 4 Hicks St, Sheffield,S3 8BL
Highgate Fisheries, St Lawrence Rd, Sheffield, S9 1SB
Hillsborough Fish Bar, 188 Middlewood Road, Sheffield, S6 1TD
Intake Fish Bar, 100 Mansfield View, Sheffield,S12 SAP
Jack’s Plaice,8 Nether Shire Lane, Sheffield, S5 0QA
Jolly Friar Chip Shop, 123 Valley Road, Sheffield, S8 9FX
Jolly Friar, 1 Egerton Road, Sheffield,S18 2LG
Les’Als Plaice, 102 Greengate Lane, Sheffield,S35 3GT
Man Friday, 315 Shoreham St, Sheffield, S2 4FA
Mannings Fish Bar, 19 Market Street, Sheffield, S13 7PD
Manor Fisheries, 14 Fellowsfield Way, Sheffield, S61 1NL
Manor Place, 299 Prince of Wales Road, Sheffield, S2 1FH
Manor Top Fish Bar, 918 City Road, Sheffield, S2 1GQ
Moor Fisheries, 30 Cumberland Street, Sheffield, S1 4PT
Neptune Fish &Chips, 989 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, S11 8TN
Netherthorpe Place, 21 Netherthorpe Place, Sheffield, S3 7EU
New Cod on the Block, 17 Commonside, Sheffield, S10 1GA
Newfield Fish Bar, 547 Gleadless Road, Sheffield, S2 2BS
Norwood Fish Bar, 411 Herries Road, Sheffield, S5 7HF
Oceana, 230 Ben Lane, Sheffield, S6 4SD
Ocean,57 Chesterfield Road, Sheffield, S8 0RL
Ocean Blue, 76 Burncross Road, Sheffield, S35 1SF
Oceans Fish Bar, 1 West Lane, Sheffield, S26 3US
Pacific Catch, 42 Bellhouse Road, Sheffield, S5 6HL
Pacific Catch, 190 Main Road, Sheffield, S9 5HQ
Pete’s Chippy, 167 Main Street, Sheffield, S35 8PP
Plaice, The fish n chip shop, 1A Southey Hill, Sheffield, S5 8BA Pop In, 108 Prospect Road, Sheffield, S2 3EN
Poseidon, 13 Abbey Lane, Sheffield,S8 0BJ
Ranmoor Friery, 360 Fulwood Rd, Sheffield, S10 3GD
Richmond Fisheries, 388 Richmond Road, Sheffield, S13 8LZ
Riverside Fish &Chips,564 Langsett Road, Sheffield, S6 2LX Rob’s Fish &Chips, 1 Greenhill Main Street, Sheffield, S8 7RA
Salt n Vinegar, 650 Stannington Road, Sheffield, S6 6AE
Seafayre, 9-11 Charles Street, Sheffield, S1 2HS
Seafresh Fish Bar, 157 Brinsworth Lane, Rotherham, S60 5BX
Seaways, 256 Lowedges Road, Sheffield, S8 7JB
Shaws (winner 2014), 15 Bridge Street, Sheffield, S21 1AH
Shellfish &Chips, 49 Margetson Crescent, Sheffield, S5 9ND
Shirecliffe Fish Bar, 8 Teynham Road, Sheffield, S5 8TT
Sid’s FishBar, 46 Wheata Road, Sheffield, S5 9FL
Simply Fish &Chips, 44 Union Street , Sheffield, S1 2JP
Stanwood Friery, 1 Stanwood Avenue, Sheffield,S6 5HX
Star Chippy, 157 Spital Hill, Sheffield, S4 7LF
Tasty Plaice, Foodcourt, Unit 7, The Oasis, Meadowhall Centre, Sheffield, S9 1EP
The Admiral, 81 High Street, Sheffield, S20 1EF
The Admiral, 69 High Street, Sheffield, S20 1DX
The Admiral, 195 Sheffield Road, Sheffield, S21 1DX
The Cottage Fish Bar, 96A High Street, Sheffield, S35 9XE
The Cod Father, 12 Sicey Avenue, Sheffield, S5 6NE
The Village Friery, 101 Mill Road, Sheffield, S35 9XP
The Wadsley Fryer, 47 Worrall Road, Sheffield, S6 4BA
Today’s Catch, 4 Southey Green Rd, Sheffield, S5 8GW
Tony’s, 21 Chapel Street, Sheffield, S20 5BT
Trawlers Catch, 15 Castle Street , Sheffield, S3 8LT
Two Steps Fisheries, 249 Sharrow Vale Road, Sheffield S11 8ZE
Wendy’s Chip Shop, 6 Hicks Street , Sheffield, S3 8BL
Wheatley’s, 32 Manor Lane , Sheffield, S2 1UF
Whitby’s, Poplar Way, Rotherham, S60 5TR
Wincobank Fish Bar, 19a Fife Street, Sheffield, S9 1NJ
Wolseley Road Chippy, 40 Staveley Road, Sheffield S8 0ZQ
Woodseats Fisheries, 778 Chesterfield Road, Sheffield, S8 0SF
Wraggy’s, 325 Meadowhead, Sheffield, S8 7UP