Charity shops are a speciality for Fable boss Sandra

Sandra Howard, founder of the Fables charity, talks shopping habits
Sandra Howard, founder of the Fables charity, talks shopping habits
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What has you reaching for your purse? We want to know! Sandra Howard, who runs her own charity, Fable, to support those with epilepsy, talks impulse buys and bargains...

You would expect a woman with her own string of charity shops to love a bargain. And former nurse Sandra Howard, who set up Sheffield charity Fable for epilepsy sufferers after her son Gareth had life-changing brain surgery, does not disappoint.

“I like a bargain; I buy things and put them away for presents. But I often regret some impulse buys,” says the 2013 Network She Woman Of The Year. A doting grandmother, she never regrets the money she spends on her two grandchildren, though.

1. Leather Tan Bag, £19.99, eBay

I had been looking for the perfect tan bag for a quite a while and had not seen one I really liked in the shops. In fact, I’d virtually given up looking, then quite by chance I came across this one on Ebay, which was exactly what I was wanting, so I decided to treat myself. I thought it was a great price for real leather. Sometimes you can find great bargains on Ebay. I browse on the site from time to time.

2. Vera Wang Silver-Plated Photo Frame, £11.99, Costco

I bought this really nice frame to display a new photograph of my grandchildren. A designer make, it’s another one of my bargains. I found it at CostCo. I do think the quality and style of a photo frame matters. It helps to show off the image and attract people’s attention. I have two beautiful grandchildren who deserve to have their photo in a designer frame.

3. Black Leather Boots, £39.99, Paver’s at York Designer Outlet

I went to the outlet on the outskirts of York just before Christmas with my friend, armed with the money my parents had given me for my Birthday. There are some great shops there, filled with fabulous bargains form designer names. We had a lovely day out and I spent mum and dad’s money on a new pair of knee-high leather boots.

4. Beige Coat, £36 Marks and Spencer

Having reached my target weight at Slimming World recently, I have been treating myself to some new clothes. This smart coat was one such buy. and it was yet another bargain - i got it in the sale. My epilepsy charity Fable has a string of charity shops that rise the money we need to survive. I donated all my clothes that were too big for me to our shops.