Case closed! City copper names Ripper as London surgeon

Ripper? D'onston Stephenson
Ripper? D'onston Stephenson
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So, just who was Jack The Ripper, then?

This page revealed last month how a retired Sheffield copper reckoned he’d solved the world’s greatest murder mystery. But Alan Hancock wouldn’t give the game away before an exclusive presentation at Aizlewood Mills.

That took place this weekend. Now The Diary can reveal the Victorian serial killer – who slayed and dismembered five sex workers in 1888 London – was Robert D’onston Stephenson. So says our Alan.

“I’m certain I’m right,” nods the 59-year-old who spent five years studying 60 books and reams of contemporary reports after retiring from the force.

Stephenson himself was a battleground surgeon who was checked into the nearby Royal London Hospital suffering shell shock at the time. He was also, says Alan, a Satanist who wrote on the occult.

“He was interviewed by police but they were convinced they were looking for a European,” explains our man. “The fact he was a surgeon gave him the skills to carve up the bodies. His occultist leanings give him a motive.”

After the killings he moved to Tooting and became a born-again Christian until his death at 76 in 1916.

“Did his remorse turn him to God?” ponders Alan.