Bryan’s pencilled in some every day art

Bryan Eccleshall
Bryan Eccleshall
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As personal challenges go, some might say it seems a bit sketchy – but Bryan Eccleshall reckons he was drawn to do it.

He’s a Sheffield-based artist who, on January 1, set himself the task of producing a pencil picture for every day of 2013.

And as we approach the end of the year it’s gone so well a city centre art gallery has now asked him to display all 365 drawings once December 31 has passed.

“Why have I done it?” he wonders. “I’ve asked myself that a few times. Some people do these 365 challenges by taking a photo every day of the year. I just thought I’d take it one step further.

“It’s not actually made that much difference to my life. It just means when I’m watching TV with my wife in an evening I’m also drawing instead of just sitting there scratching myself.”

The images are black and white, and are 12x12cm, roughly the size of a CD cover. They all capture forgotten corners of public buildings such as light bulbs in art galleries, plug sockets in museums or loo rolls in toilets.

And if that last one sounds a bit, er, pants, he actually sold it within days of it going live on his online blog.

“Someone asked if they could buy it for their loo,” explains the 48-year-old Sheffield Hallam University fine art PhD student. “I wasn’t sure at first because it’s part of the collection but I was pragmatic enough to make a copy for myself and accept the £50.”

He’s sold about a dozen others since.

Those sales have been helped by the fact the online blog – in which he posts each picture on the day its drawn – has been viewed by art lovers across the globe.

“I went public with this on January 3 because I thought that was the best way to make sure I kept doing it,” explains Bryan, who has a studio in Trafalgar Street but lives in Worksop. “Once I’d said I was doing it, I didn’t want to let myself down and stop.”

And now, as he approaches the end, he’s looking forward to that exhibition – and getting his evenings back.

“It will be strange on January 1 not having to do one,” he says. “But I have a PhD to write this coming year so perhaps it’s best I won’t be distracted.”

n All Bryan’s images can be viewed at and his exhibition runs at Bank Street Arts, in Bank Street, from January 8 for four weeks.