Brothers jailed for handing stolen goods

DETECTIVES who investigated two brothers who were jailed for handling stolen goods have warned more could follow them to prison.

Brothers Steven Stewart aged 21, and Andrew Stewart, 25, of Essex Avenue, Intake, were both sentenced to 18 months in prison on 10 counts of handling stolen goods last year.

Now Detective Inspector Steve Whittaker is sending a warning message that people caught handling stolen goods will be prosecuted.

The brothers were convicted of selling items, including laptops, mobile phones, computers and even a set of golf clubs.

Police investigations discovered they had been previously stolen from burglaries within a one-mile radius of their home address in Intake.

Officers say anyone found in possession of stolen goods will be dealt

with appropriately, whether they are aware or not that the item is stolen.

Det Insp Whittaker said: "We want to urge the public to be aware and to say no to making this sort of purchase.

"The more demand there is for stolen goods, the more criminal activity such as burglaries, will take place.

"If you are caught handling stolen goods, whether intentional or not, appropriate action will be taken against you.

"If the price is too good to be true, walk away and make sure you buy from reputable sellers."

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