Boost for Katie's dancing dreams

NINE year old Lady Gaga fan Katie Hunt is following her dream of becoming a dancer - thanks to a special grant.

Katie's family were struggling to afford fees for lesson, exams, costumes and dance kit for her ballet and tap.

Mum Julie applied for a 274 Resident Award from the New Deal for Communities - which is now helping her pay for her daughter's dancing at Riley School of Dance.

Julie, of Chequer Avenue, Hyde Park, said: "Katie loves performing, learning new skills and testing her abilities.

"She wants to be a dancer or a swimming instructor when she grows up.

"I probably spend about 3,000 a year on Katie's lessons and exam fees, leotards, shoes and costume hire.

"I feel really lucky to have received the Resident Award. NDC grants are a great idea because they are accessible to anyone in the NDC area and can really help take the pressure off families who want their children to learn new skills, such as dancing."

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