BEAUTY FILE: Pore-refiner makes a difference to skin

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Tackle breakouts, congestion and shine with a facial serum specifically designed for teen and twenty-something skins.

Beauty brand ARK's Clearing Serum, 32 at House of Fraser, is a pore-refiner containing antibacterial and botanical complexes, Watercress, nettle, horsetail and margosa leaf help clear impurities and oil build-up. It minimises the look of congested skin and gets shut of excessive shine. Apply 2-3 drops, either directly to the skin or mixed with your prescribed moisturiser or masque. Celebrity fans inclue Danni Minogue.

Natural pedicure with foot spa

Britain's original fish foot spa Appy Feet, brainwave of a Sheffield woman, has launched a new store in Crystal Peaks. Appy Feet's swarms of tiny Garra Rufa fish suck away at dead, scaly skin on feet and hands, giving a natural pedicure.

As the fish have no teeth there's no pain – simply a light, tickling sensation. The fish have been used in this way for centuries in Turkey and the Far East.

Massage bar to aid tensions

Ease tense muscles after a work-out at the gym with Lush's newest massage bar Hottie (4.95).

Designed specifically for tense muscles, Hottie is moulded with bumps to add extra pressure during massage. Black pepper and ginger oil in the bar are good for boosting circulation, and jojoba oil and shea butter moisturise skin. Lush stores on Fargate and in Meadowhall also recommend the spice-scented massage bar Wiccy Magic Muscles for post-exercise soothing. Priced 5.70, the bar can be massaged into the skin to relieve aches and pains. It's rich in cinnamon leaf oil.

Cream helps keep hands soft

Your hands are often the first place to show the signs of the cold, so give yours instant relief from dryness and cracking with Boots Expert Concentrated Hand & Nail Cream.

It costs 2.59 and the formula immediately increases your skin's natural moisture content and continues to work for up to eight hours.

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