Amnesty International launches Doncaster branch

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Ordinary people standing up for humanity and human rights are set to join forces in Doncaster.

A town-based branch of Amnesty International is due to be launched today and members of the public are welcome to get involved.

Amnesty International works to protect men, woman and children wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied across the world.

With a global movement of over seven million people, Amnesty is the world’s largest grassroots human rights organisation.

It investigates and exposes abuses, educates and mobilises the public, and helps to transform societies to create a safer, more just world.

The organisation has more than 800 groups across the UK, with more than half a million members and supporters.

Although Amnesty is already active in South Yorkshire and the Humber, Doncaster Amnesty will be launching its first meeting today (Thursday May 28), the organisation’s 54th anniversary, at the Quaker Meeting House on Oxford Place between 7.15-9pm.

Groups already in existence in the region, such as Scunthorpe, Sheffield and Hull, have demonstrated the importance of actively campaigning in their community.

Gemma Cobby, spokesman for Doncaster Amnesty International, said: “We are ordinary people from across the world standing up for humanity and human rights. Our purpose is to protect individuals wherever justice, fairness, freedom and truth are denied.

“Although being a member of Amnesty gives me a number of benefits, there is more that can be achieved through having a group in a large centre of population such as Doncaster and by having more members.

“Individually, the organisation, raises my level of consciousness of events around the world; and being involved makes me feel that I am doing something positive, including bringing me into contact with many other people with similar views and aims; and I can become involved in as many group activities. Collectively a local group would enhance and highlight local and global human rights issues affecting thousands across the global, along with preventing further injustices taking place through active campaigns.”

The Doncaster Amnesty Group is hoping to spend their first few months campaigning to improve the conditions and rights for asylum seekers in detention centres in the UK, along with protecting the Human Rights Act which has been threatened under the new Conservative government.

Amnesty UK Director, Kate Allen, has said: “Amnesty is a movement of ordinary people fighting for rights, justice and fairness across the world.

“Our local groups here in South Yorkshire are absolutely vital to our ability to campaign, and it has never been more important since the government’s proposal to repeal the Human Rights Act put rights here in the UK at risk. Ordinary people across the UK fought for the rights and protections contained in the Human Rights Act over generations and now they could be taken away with the stroke of a politician’s pen.

“The bad news is we’ve never needed Amnesty more, the good news is with new, vibrant local groups we are going strong.

“Join us and call on our government to keep the Human Rights Act, the rights which people are risking their lives and liberty for all over the world.”

To find out more about the Doncaster group, please email, follow or ring Gemma on 07915697975.

The group are also on Facebook, under Amnesty International Doncaster, and on Twitter under @DonnyAmnesty.

To find out about the Human Rights Act visit click here