RSPCA Sheffield: Plea to find a Halloween home for 'Frankenstein's cat' who suffered 'horrific' collar injury

The RSPCA in Sheffield is looking for the perfect Halloween home for a feline friend who has been dubbed ‘Frankenstein’s cat’.

Friday, 29th October 2021, 11:16 am

Little Rob arrived at the RSPCA on September 17 after being rescued as a stray by inspectors with a collar wound injury.

Sheffield’s Hayley Crookes said: “Poor Rob had a horrific collar wound injury around his front leg. The wound was large and inflamed. He was young, fit and healthy and we wanted to try to save his leg so we opted for a specialist procedure called omentalization.

“The omentum is a membrane sac in the abdomen that helps healing. The vets opened up his tummy to take some of the membrane and then tunnel it under the skin along his chest and into the wound to aid the healing.

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RSPCA Sheffield says Little Rob, otherwise known as 'Frankenstein's cat', is looking for a home this Halloween.

“When he came back to us from the vet he looked like Frankenstein’s cat; he had a huge wound running from under his chin, down his chest and around behind his left shoulder and back up again. He also had a wound on his stomach from the omentalization and he was neutered too; he’d really been through it.

“He really does look like a Halloween character but on a serious note we’re concerned that potential owners might be put off by his appearance. Black cats can take longer to find their forever homes so Little Rob really does have the odds stacked against him.”

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The poor cat - thought to be five-years-old - was put on cage rest for three weeks to recover from the surgery and had to wear a buster collar at all times. He also had to take pain relief and antibiotics.

The RSPCA Sheffield took Little Rob in after he suffered from a collar wound injury - staff are worried a potential owner could be put off by his scar.

His surgery cost over £500 and staff weren’t sure whether he’d recover, but he was soon on the mend and started to come out of his shell.

Hayley added: “He is the most amazing cat. He’s loving and affectionate, he chats to you all day long and absolutely loves his dinner!

“He’ll have scars for life but is all healed now and is ready to find a loving new home. He is already at a disadvantage, however, because of his colour and we worry that people might be put off by his scars. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt this boy will not regret it though; he’s such an amazing boy.”

This Wednesday marked National Black Cat Day to shine a light on the plight of unwanted black cats.

RSPCA figures have revealed that it takes longer for black cats to be adopted, with an average of nearly 35 days for a black cat to find his or her forever home, compared to around 28 days for a tabby cat.

Black cats are often associated with superstitions and the RSPCA says some people believe they don’t look good in photos. which sadly means it can take longer for a black cat in a rescue centre to find a home.

RSPCA centres and branches are caring for more cats than any other pet with nearly 3,000 moggies coming into care this year (January 1 to August 31).

This month marks Adoptober, when the RSPCA shines a light on the animals in its care looking for homes, and with more cats coming into the charity’s care than any other pet this means there are plenty of feline friends looking to be adopted.

Find out more about Little Rob on his online profile or call the centre on 01142 898050.

To help the organisation continue rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals in desperate need of care, visit the RSPCA website or call its donation line on 0300 123 8181.

To support the work of RSPCA Sheffield - which is a separately run charity - visit the RSPCA Sheffield website.