Dennis Hobson column: The trouble with social media

Kell Brook: has to turn the other cheek
Kell Brook: has to turn the other cheek
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Kell Brook had to withstand a wave of criticism after pulling out of his title defence. Has social media accelerated the way people can have a go at boxers and promoters?

When you’re in the public eye you’re there to be shot at and it’s easy for people to hide behind their keyboard. Maybe it’s because they’re not happy in their own life and they’ve never taken a risk in their lives. Boxers put their health and safety on the line when they’re in the ring but financially, and in time with your family, that’s what I do time and time again...and I’ve lost a lot of money. One thing that isn’t in abundance in boxing is loyalty, which is a shame. I’m a businessman and want to make money, but I love the sport and have never tried to do anybody out of anything. People have short memories. I’ve got fighters to world titles who should never have been there. It’s alright saying they’ve put their life on the line, but without me backing them out of my own pocket some of them would be doing the same for Central Area titles. Some might say they overachieved and they’re probably right, but thankfully for them I got them the right fight at the right time so they could change their lives.

It is hard to bite your tongue, I’m only human and I’ve always had a bit of an edge, but there are a lot of people who do appreciate what I’ve done and they speak up on my behalf. I don’t want to drag myself down to their level. I’m in boxing to work with decent people, and for achievements, not to flip anybody.

Doncaster’s Dave Allen has apologised for not making the most of opportunities when he was promoted by you. Do you accept his sentiments?

I accept his apology as I would do most people’s. We all make mistakes and I tried to tell him that the grass isn’t greener. Whenever I sat down with David I always got on very well with him, we were friends. He’s got a lot of ability but, as he’ll admit, he’s always been lazy. I wish him well and, who knows, if he applies himself then we might end up working together at some stage. The door’s always open.

Is this the end for Waleed Din at flyweight?

We’ll look to operate at light-flyweight or even straw weight. We’ll look at his nutrition because things weren’t right, he came in fight day a lb lighter than what he weighed in! Essomba was a stone heavier and Waleed was at a major disadvantage, but we were hoping his skill would pull him through. He learned from it, as I have. Waleed can operate on the world scene at a lighter weight and we’ll be plotting his path. Waleed’s dad is in hospital and I wish him well. Boxing won’t be Waleed’s priority right now.