We’re finally in with a shout in Song Contest

Still a legend - Englebert Humperdinck
Still a legend - Englebert Humperdinck
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EVERY year millions watch it – and every year we seem to fail miserably.

But the Eurovision Song Contest still holds a spell over the British public, which makes Eurobeat a canny latest choice by Splinters Theatre Group.

Following the success of The Wedding Singer last year, from next Wednesday they perform Craig Christie and Andrew Patterson’s hilarious musical homage to the biggest annual music competition in the world.

Just like Eurovision, Eurobeat promises to be cheesier than an ’80s disco, with laughs and cringing in equal measure.

Following Engelbert Humperdinck’s dismal performance in the 2012 bout in Baku, Azerbaijan – he came second to last with Love Will Set You Free – hopefully the UK can do better in Eurobeat. It is set in Sarajevo, although bizarrely Bosnia does not feature among the 10 countries competing for the title.

The show originated in Australia in 2003 and hit London’s West End in September 2008 following a UK tour.

It is interactive and each audience member is assigned a country as they enter the venue. They vote during the interval, meaning that theoretically every night could end differently.

“Rehearsing for a show where you don’t fully know how the second half goes until after the interval is bizarre,” says head choreographer Aggie Gryszel. “But the guys are giving it their all.”

Cast members have learned bits of the language of countries competing in the show.

It’s Aggie’s second show with Splinters since returning after six years away from amateur stage, working in America for Carnival Cruise lines as a dancer.

Splinters – the most successful musical theatre group for young people in the city – will stage Eurobeat – Almost Eurovision at The University of Sheffield Drama Studio, Wednesday until Saturday (7.30pm, plus 2.30pm Saturday matinee). Tickets cost £9.50-£11.50 via 07910 251584, jellybean@splinterstheatre.co.uk or www.splinterstheatre.co.uk