Theatre & Events: Magic show will tell all about cunning secrets behind tricks

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MAGICIANS Barry and Stuart survey the table in front of them and start laughing.

We are speaking by phone so they explain they are looking at fake body parts, a drinking glass that would hurt you to use it, various bits of electronic equipment they are trying to adapt, plus some lighter fluid.

“It’s a strange sight, not the most normal thing,” they admit.

They are visiting Rotherham and Chesterfield next week with their quirky magic event, Show and Tell.

In the first half they perform lots of tricks and the audience are advised they may not want to stay for the second half, because they pair will reveal how they perform every single trick.

Barry said they first did Show and Tell at the Edinburgh Festival, splitting it into two shows. Tell was sold out every night, he said.

He added: “Most people will stay for the second half. Given a chance tohave these secrets revealed, most of them tend to stick around.”

Stuart added: “We’ve always felt people who come to see magic shows only come to try and work out with their mates how the tricks are done. It does get a really strange reaction when we reveal some of the secrets in the second half.

“There are some gasps as people can’t believe that’s how things are done. People say ‘I can’t believe I didn’t see that.

“Some things involve such sideways thinking that they can’t believe we came up with them.”

The pair have some neat ideas for the audience to try. like predicting the future using Twitter or reading friends’ minds on Facebook.

A lot of their magic is quite dark and they like to chuck a lot of fake blood around.

The pair met in their home city of Aberdeenat a magic club. As students they started making spooky short films using magic, which is how they were potted by Channel 4.

So the next show the stars of BBC’s The Magicians are working on for TV looks at ghosts, spirits and ouija boards.

“We’re the sort of geeks who sit on the fence! We’ve never experienced anything otherworldly but we’d love to go into a seance and have something happen,” said Barry.

Show and Tell is at Rotherham Civic next Thursday (Mar 28) and the Pomegranate, Chesterfield on Saturday 30.