The art and soul of legend Dylan

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THE other side of one of the world’s most iconic music stars goes on display in a Sheffield gallery next week when art work by Bob Dylan comes to Meadowhall.

Although celebrated for the cultural impact of his music down the decades, the American’s talent with a paintbrush hasn’t always found the same glare of the spotlight.

But from July 23 Castle galleries will unveil The Drawn Blank Series 2011 to mark Dylan’s 70th birthday.

The eight new limited edition graphics feature previously unpublished imagery and newly revealed treatments from Dylan.

They are taken from drawings the musician created while on the road from 1989 to 1992. Expressive works, they capture his chance encounters and uniquely combine the everyday with the extraordinary and the intimate, personal moments in Dylan’s life. Dylan’s brush dances loosely and “without affection” on a previously unpublished title, Mexico, and then across the transitory world of life on the road; from Sidewalk Cafe through Motel Pool, and on to Truck, all of which provide “some kind of panoramic view of the world” as Dylan saw it.

Washington Green Fine Art are publishers of The Drawn Blank Series. Managing director and co-founder Glyn Washington is delighted to be able to bring the collection to Sheffield and believes the series marks a defining moment in the singer/songwriter’s visual art journey.

“Dylan’s art is the product of an extraordinary, inventive imagination,” he says. “The same mind, hand and eye that made the songs has turned again in an astonishing new direction. How privileged are we, as Dylan reaches a pivotal ‘three score years and 10’, to be able to view, absorb and enjoy another creative outpouring from such a cultural icon.”

Dylan’s life and work over seven decades continues to excite great public interest around the globe and this year alone has prompted the publication of four books.

Poet Maya Angelou said of him: “Bob Dylan supported the human being, the spirit of being an American – of knowing that the mountains and the rivulets and the voting booths belong to all of us, all the time.”

The Drawn Blank Series will be simultaneously unveiled at 9am in Castle Galleries branches while collectors can get a tantalising first glimpse online from today at