Sparkling Halloween creations

Lucy Lippolis with Pumpkins
Lucy Lippolis with Pumpkins
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DO the kids nag you to make a Halloween lantern out of a pumpkin but you don’t have a clue where to start?

Well, Lucy Lippolis of Sheffield firm Sparkles Events is a dab hand with a craft knife and made these amazing creations for The Star.

Here she gives a few tips on how to turn a humble pumpkin into an amazing decoration.

All you will need is a thin-bladed craft knife, a pencil, a melon baller or ice cream scoop and a small torch or candle if you’re doing a more elaborate design.

She says: “First cut the lid out but be sure make your cut into the top of the pumpkin at an angle: if you go straight down the lid will fall inside!

“Sever the inside with a knife and pull out the seeds and all the mushy bits. I got a couple of children to help with that bit, scooping all the flesh out!

“Don’t forget, you can use the inside to make soup and you can also roast the seeds.

“Then you need to get the hard flesh out as the shell needs to be about an inch thick (2.5cm). I use an ice cream scoop or a melon baller for this. It’s quite hard work.

“Then you’re ready to create your design. Some people get a picture of what they want and attach the paper to the pumpkin, then trace out the design by using a knife to make a series of dots by piercing through the paper on to the shell. I just draw it on freehand, using a pencil, then score the lines with a craft knife.

“Then it depends whether you just want a traditional face with a design that will go all the way through or you’re doing more intricate patterns, like Spiderman or the ghost.

“If you’re just doing triangles for the eyes and teeth, you need to cut all the way through.

“For a more intricate design, put a lit candle or torch inside first, so you can keep checking if the light will shine through.

“Then cut out your design, only taking away half of the shell rather than going all the way through.”

Then stand back and admire!

Lucy reckons a straightforward design should take about half an hour to an hour and an intricate design will take about an hour and a half.

She is a dab hand at all sorts of arts and crafts and can be booked for classes for groups of children or adults and has run holiday clubs in the past. She is also a children’s party planner and can help parents with nannying and childcare.

Some of her work has seen her take on a Supernanny-type role to help with behavioural issues and problems.

To contact Lucy, call 07968 014969 or email

Lucy’s amazing pumpkin lanterns are going on show in the window of her brother Reece’s shop, Urban Pantry in Crookes, Sheffield, where he is dishing out pumpkin soup on Saturday.

Lucy has donated the flesh she scooped out of the pumpkins she created for The Star to ensure nothing was wasted!