Sheffield Man of Steel project closer to becoming a reality

Artist's impression of the Man of Steel
Artist's impression of the Man of Steel
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A much-anticipated project to create a huge steel sculpture overlooking the M1 is closer to becoming a reality.

Sculptor Steve Mehdi said recent progress with the Man of Steel project has been ‘exciting’ and he plans to build a trial of the huge 30-metre statue from May.

He said a scheme to allow the public to pay £20 and have names engraved on the statue’s super alloy steel heart has been met with a ‘fantastic response’, with people from across the country getting involved.

Up to 150,000 names can be featured on the two-and-a-half metre heart, which weighs two-and-a-half tons.

Steve said: “People have had the names of small babies who’ve died of heart defects added – one woman’s son died in an accident, and she drives over Tinsley viaduct every day so wanted to remember him when she passes.

“Other people have had their dads put on because they worked in the steelworks and they see him as their ‘man of steel’.”

The project is also now a registered charity, with all the money received being spent on community schemes.

The plan of how to build the statue, which will be on a hill in Kimberworth, has been changed.

Instead of it being cast, it will now be made from individual panels.