Sheffield dad releases diet book

Andy Belfield with his The Eat Less Food Diet book.
Andy Belfield with his The Eat Less Food Diet book.
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With humour and honesty, a Sheffield dad has written a book he hopes will change frustrated dieter’s lives.

The Eat Less Food Diet book aims to help people lose weight using simple science for lasting results – while shunning fad diets which provide an unsustainable quick fix.

Andy Belfield - author of the Eat Less Food Diet book

Andy Belfield - author of the Eat Less Food Diet book

Andy Belfield, of Kingsley Park Avenue, Millhouses, shed more than two stone in just six months following the foolproof mantra of “eat less, lose more”.

The 45-year-old said: “At 14 stone, I’d got to the point where I felt incredibly uncomfortable about my size – I felt people judged me because I couldn’t control my own body, or at least what I put in it,

“The first thing I did was work out why I wanted to lose weight and give myself a clear goal. I swayed between wanting to be in One Direction and getting into a 32-waist old pair of jeans – I chose the jeans.

“Next, it was a case of taking simple, obtainable steps to change old habits.

“So instead of only eating yellow foods on Tuesdays, never eating after 5pm and rushing out to join a gym, I simply ate less, cut back on fatty foods and concentrated on including more fruit and veg in my diet.”

Two years after losing the weight, union official Andy is sharing his winning ways with fellow dieters with the release of his book, described as an ‘informative yet humorous’ read.

Andy said: “I found the whole fad diet thing very frustrating.

“There are diets where we are expected to avoid carbs, to only eat meat, to skip meals, to never skip meals, to add in more meals – it’s bonkers and they’re not maintainable, so people end up slipping back to old habits and eating their body weight in M&Ms by lunchtime.

“I wanted to write something that was more honest than that.

“Just as importantly, I wanted to make it funny.

“Trying to diet can be very stressful so I wanted to have a laugh about it.

“In the book I explain the evidence and research behind the simple science that eating less and moving more achieves maintainable weight-loss. It doesn’t involve any radical lifestyle changes so you can still go to work, look after the kids and run a house, plus you don’t have to cut out everything you love.

“Fish and chips, real ale and flapjack are my weaknesses and I can still have them – just not every day.”

n The Eat Less Food Diet is available from priced £3 for a hard copy and ebook £1.50.