Sausage all part of crazy fun for Harry

Harry Hill Sausage Time tour
Harry Hill Sausage Time tour
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HARRY Hill is back on the road with a touring show that promises more of the anarchically surreal comedy that has made him a big star.

So what is Harry Hill’s Sausage Time all about?

“I wish I could say there was an idea behind it. I haven’t done a stand-up tour for six-odd years and I thought I’d go back to it.

“I’ve got this 20ft sausage that comes on that holds the thing together. That’s as much of a theme as you’re going to get from me.”

He describes the show as stand-up and messing about, including wrestling in a paddling pool.

The self-styled floppy-collared loon says he will be joined by showband The Harrys, there’s a section exclusively for Tongans and an all-important chance to catch up on Harry’s Nan’s latest ailments

He added: “I wish I had a stuntman. I tore a muscle in my calf on day three. Luckily I don’t use that muscle when I’m wrestling.

“We also have a little guy in the show who fell off the stage. I’ll be very surprised if we all make it to the end of the tour.”

Although Harry trained to be a doctor, he joked that he doesn’t treat his own injuries as that was more than 20 years ago and he thinks he’d be more of a danger now.

He says he’s got all his old gang of collaborators together for the tour, plus some of his popular puppets including Gary, his son from his first marriage, and his son Sam, plus fans’ favourite Stouffer the cat.

The whole Sausage Time gag has evolved from a routine about the word God reading backwards as dog.

He noticed that Jesus spelled backwards is susej, which sounds a bit like ‘sausage’ as said by the famous dog on the 1970s BBC show That’s Life…

It’s fair to say that bits of Harry’s humour are not for the easily offended.

He says he still enjoys doing You’ve Been Framed, which he co-writes and does the voiceover for. “I do it in a massive block in the summer. There’s about 26 half-hour shows of people falling over.

“They give me the clip reels and if I say I don’t like one they’ll drop it.

“There’s a guy who writes the script. I watch the clip reel and write my script and if I can’t think of anything at all I’ll look at his script.

“It’s a good way of working.

“They let me do what I want so it’s good fun most of the time. There was a time a few years ago when the clips weren’t so good really but now people have cameras on their phones.

“I keep doing it because it’s a nice job. I don’t think of it as work.”

However, fans of his other shows like TV Burp are likely to be disappointed, it seems.

He said: “If I get a good enough idea I’ll still end up back on TV but I don’t feel desperate to be back on TV after I’ve been on pretty non-stop for the past five years or so.

“It’s nice to go back to just watching it.”

But there is one TV-related project that he is enthusiastic about: “I’ve been working on X Factor the Musical. I’m very excited.”

Blimey. Perhaps he’ll wrestle 
Simon Cowell in a swimming pool…

Harry Hill’s Sausage Time is at Sheffield City Hall next Tuesday, March 5.