Review: Disney on Ice, Motorpoint Arena

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Once upon a time, the likes of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White would have been the headline acts at Disney on Ice.

But times change, and the classic princesses are no longer queens of the rink and appear to have been dethroned by the House of Mouse’s new girls.

Hundreds of over-excited mini princesses descended on the Motorpoint Arena last night, and there wasn’t too much chilling going on by the ice.

The show began with a lively number in New Orleans, where we learned about Tiana’s dream to open a restaurant, children sang along to Almost There and When We’re Human before our first princess was transformed into a frog via a giant puff of smoke and fireworks.

The performance closed with the much-anticipated arrival of the new star - Rapunzel - who kept the young and old entertained by smacking Flynn with a frying pan, taming the brawlers in the tavern and singing about her dream to see the bright lanterns on her birthday.

Heartwarmingly sandwiched in between, was a reminder that classics never die, as we relived Cinderella’s dream of going to the ball.

Finally, a couple of tips for parents who are taking the little ones along to DOI at the Motorpoint this week: firstly, take coats - it’s not freezing, but the frostiness from the ice can permeate thin layers.

Secondly, and even more important, make sure your winter jacket is lined with an adequate wad of cash - you’re bound to get talked into buying something. Some things never change.