Review: Anton &Erin, City Hall

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Anton &Erin, City Hall

TAKE two of telly’s most enduring dance professionals on the road and show what else they’re capable of.

That’s the recipe of a tour that could be dismissed as milking the Strictly brand, but actually sees Erin Boag and Anton Du Beke put themselves out there as entertainers beyond simply what their feet can offer.

The ticket has their name on it but this was almost as much about Lance Ellington, showcasing the sharp-suited Strictly singer, beside the Manchester Concert Orchestra, as both backing to his hosts’ routines and in his own right.

His rich dulcets delivered a moving Feeling Good in the month we lost Etta James and roles merged as he joined in lighter dance moments, and Anton and Erin demonstrated their not so polished vocal talents.

Arguably some diversions – a chirpy Q & A and orchestra instrumentals – were at the expense of more of what has made the pair famous. But five years into their own shows it would appear they know what their fans want.

Anton’s Persil white gnashers dazzled almost as much as Erin’s frock as four other dancers joined them for a lively routine from Chicago. Elsewhere the programme was largely ballroom, but a cute tango and an all too short paso doble to the stunning Carmina Burana shone.

Minus the celebs and Brucie – though Anton sounds increasingly similar – this was less full-on dance and more a warming variety show fuelled by the personalities above the feet.