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Friendships and business link-ups forged on Twitter will come face to face when two keen Sheffield tweeters stage a charity get-together.

The Tweet-Up on Thursday August 16 at Maggie Mays on Trippet Lane will raise money for Cavendish Cancer Care as part of the Master Cutler’s Challenge 2012.

“It’s a chance for people who tweet to meet. However everyone is welcome at the night is for charity,” say the two business women organising the event, Claire Taylor, of family and children counselling service Claire Taylor Therapy, and Jackie Cooke of CQ Marketing Services

A £10 entry fee includes a free drink. Sheffield band Rifler will be playing and Claire and Jackie are baking ‘drunken’ cakes.

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A break for your heart

YOUR well-earned summer holiday is a time to relax and unwind.

But give your heart a holiday too – don’t make it take the strain while you’re there. And give it a break by ensuring you don’t come back heavier than when you left, says Heart Research UK.

Hire a bike, play some tennis or take a walk to explore your new surroundings.

Instead of taking ‘a dip’ in the pool, push yourself to do a few more lengths every day.

Enjoy local cuisine but eat light meals little and often instead of indulging in big evening blow-outs. Put some oily fish and shellfish on the menu to give your heart and arteries an omega-3 boost.

And remember alcohol can dehydrate you and is high in calories – on average, a colourful cocktail contains 450 calories.