Online book quiz created by Sheffield schoolchildren is viewed around the world

Pupils at Nook Lane Junior School
Pupils at Nook Lane Junior School
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An online quiz created by pupils at a primary school in Sheffield is being watched around the world.

Year six pupils at Nook Lane Junior School, in Stannington, have made the Big Book Quiz, which challenges families and schools to identify 15 mystery books from famous quotes.

They published their film on the school’s YouTube learning platform NookLaneTV and it has been viewed in more than 100 countries.

The channel has had more than 100,000 views since it was launched last year.

Teacher Matt Butcher said the idea behind the video was to create something to capture the interest of families and encourage them to talk about books in the run up to World Book Day.

He said: “The Big Book Quiz has been used by teachers, schools and families in over 100 countries from all corners of the world. From Canada to Cambodia; Poland to Peru; young people are buying into the concept and opening more books.

“The concept is pretty straight forward - an online, interactive quiz where you’ll hear 15 quotes from some of the greatest stories ever told, delivered by our awesome year six pupils. All you have to do, is work out, research and match each quote to a classic children’s book.

“Already, we’ve received entries and messages of support from children and schools in America, Spain and France whose teachers and pupils heaped praise on our efforts.”

Mr Butcher encouraged people to use the resources on the school’s website - - to test family and friends.

“As hosts, we invite people to send their answers to to be entered in our prize draw to win books and book tokens,“ he said.

“Together, we can make a difference and do our bit to help fuel a passion for reading over the next few weeks; across the city, up and down the country and beyond.

“If we can help just a handful of families discover a love for reading this spring, then it’s a job well done.”