On your Marks, the Nice man is all set to return

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WELSH wanderer Howard Marks continues to trade off his notoriety and charismatic story-telling with another visit to these parts this autumn.

Since the subject of a hit film called Mr Nice – also the title of his best-selling first autobiography – he’s back in person on October 1, this time visiting Sheffield University venue The Foundry.

Howard has just chalked up his busiest year to date and the raconteur and renowned counter-culture hero has now put together a new spoken word show called Howard Marks Is Mr Nice.

Howard exploded into the public consciousness in the mid-’90s having established a trans-continental reputation as the scourge of international detectives during his years as an international drug smuggler.

After serving some time and seeing the light, in a legal sense, Howard put his personality on paper to become an internationally best-selling author as well as a leading advocate for the legalisation of recreational drugs.

He’s also been a record label boss and stood as a candidate for Parliament, but the last 15 years have seen Howard indulging in an ever-widening sphere of experience from which he draws his popular one-man show.

His first novel, Sympathy Of The Devil, has also enjoyed critical acclaim and prompts the updated show.

Delivered in his no-holds barred style, Howard Marks Is Mr Nice is a spoken word presentation of Sympathy with multimedia enhancements, plus a light-hearted analysis of the UK’s smoking ban.

There will also be Howard’s recollections of some of the edgier tales from his autobiographical works, Mr Nice, Dope Stories and Senor Nice.

Each show will conclude with a question and answer session.