N-ice and easy does it for all-star Disney extravaganza

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WHILE Disney on Ice shows may tour the world to far-flung destinations, when the company arrives in Sheffield next week, it’s the audience who will be taken on a journey.

Passport to Adventure sees Mickey and the gang visit many Disney favourites, be it under the sea with The Little Mermaid or to Neverland and the adventures of Peter Pan.

I caught the show in Glasgow and it has all the elements we have come to know and love from Disney On Ice.

The skaters are top-notch and are run through their paces by performance director Jackie Soames, a former Passport to Adventure skater.

“I’ve been with this show, on and off over its various formats, for four different years,” Jackie said.

“I skated on this show twice, I was a performance director four years ago and I am performance director again.

“I did skate in the show, many years ago, in one of its different formats. The show itself has been on the road for 18 years in total and the format I did had Cinderella and Prince Charming in it, the 101 Dalmatians.

“New stories come out and we adapt the show and update it so all the stories people know and love and some of the ones they want to see are all there.”

She said it’s very different to be directing as opposed to performing.

“I love both aspects of it. I love being the performer but I also love being the director now as it allows me the opportunity to develop the show and the skaters and bring the best show I can every single day to every audience.

“Mickey and Minnie narrate you through this journey. We go and visit the Lion King then we go to Ariel under the sea and all the favourite numbers you have from The Little Mermaid, then we do Lilo & Stitch and the second act is Peter Pan.

“It’s a mammoth undertaking transporting Disney on Ice to arenas all over the world. It’s a big production. We have 45 skaters from all over the world - Russia, Canada, China, Japan, the UK.”

She added: “As far as tech is concerned we are always updating the new technology we can get hold of to incorporate into the show so it gets better all the time.

“With Disney on Ice, as the audiences know, we always bring a really good quality product, all the stories they know and love.

“They will get to sing along, laugh along, clap along to a fantastic spectacle.”

An ice show comes to Chesterfield for the first time next year. Cinderella on Ice will feature Russian ice skating stars on a purpose-built rink at the Winding Wheel.

The show will run from Wednesday, December 12, to Sunday 16.