Let’s all be high brow

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EYEBrows are big – and catwalk veteran and Simple Skincare expert Caroline Frazer shares her secrets...

“Thicker brows frame the face and can take years off you as they are often associated with youth,” she says.

“To achieve defined brows I like to use slanted tweezers to get to those tiny, tricky hairs. Always pluck brows in natural daylight and with a large mirror. Start by brushing your brows in an upwards direction so you can see where the hairs naturally lie.

“Always tweeze from underneath the brow and only ever pluck one hair at a time and in the direction of growth following the natural line. Don’t pluck from above.

“To finish the look or fill in any gaps, apply a brow pencil in gentle feathering strokes and, remember, less is more.

“Finish off with a slick of clear brow gel or, if you haven’t got any to hand, a quick smear of clear lip gloss will do the trick just as well.”

Be British on Ladies’ Day

Ladies’ Day at Owlerton will be crowning its very own queen when it hosts a Great British-themed event in honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Now a fixture on Sheffield’s social calendar, the greyhound stadium event on July 3 will crown its own style icon in a Best of British Fashion competition. The most creative patriotic outfit will win – and there will be a prize for the best handbag.

Weston Park charity shop has already been getting into the spirit, creating a Great British window display. This will be the second year Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity will benefit from the event

Tickets start from £10. Order on 0114 2343074.