Ian McMillan writes and performs a new poem for The Moor

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Yorkshire poet Ian McMillan launched his new poem for The Moor, that is part of the Off the Shelf Text in the City initiative, from a scaffold tower to hoards of delighted shoppers.

Ian said: “I'm moor than happy to help the regeneration of The Moor in a poetic way; I've always thought of The Moor as a poetic place, anyway. As the French say, 'Toujours le Moor’!”

Ranald Phiips and IanMcMillan

Ranald Phiips and IanMcMillan

Ranald Philips, Director of Ashcroft and Development Manager for The Moor who commissioned the poem said: “The Moor is fast becoming a lively and entertaining place to be. As well as improved shopping it will become one of the most dynamic eating areas of the city. It is therefore the right time in the development as the new Primark and Light cinema building rises before our eyes, that we celebrate with a poem that forms part of one of Sheffield’s great, nationally renowned festivals – Off the Shelf. Ian’s wonderful poem will eventually have a permanent place but for now the public will see it at various locations on The Moor. We hope it will entertain people as they go about their daily business.”

The poem is currently sited on the windows above Deichmann and posters are due to be put up in other locations on The Moor.


This is a window on The Moor

And this is a window on the world

The Moor is a window and a door

And The Moor is a flag unfurled

Light from the windows on the Moor

Reflect this changing street

The Moor-sky down to Moor-floor

The tide of Moorving feet

This is a window on The Moor

Window as mirror of the day

The Moor’s a mirror of what’s in store

The Moor is a grand display

Glow from the glass on The Moor

The many windows lit

With the future that’s in stoor

Rebuilding bit by bit

This is a window on The Moor

The Moor is a work of art

This is a window on The Moor

The Moor is a beating heart

This is a window on The Moor

The Moor is an endless tune

This is a window on The Moor

Bright as a harvest moon