Gloves on for a New Year ‘fit kit’ drive

vest top, �45; crop leggings, �80; vest top, �45; wide leg pants, �110; white jacket top, �95; crop leggings, �80, all from the Pemberton range at Vevie ( <>).
vest top, �45; crop leggings, �80; vest top, �45; wide leg pants, �110; white jacket top, �95; crop leggings, �80, all from the Pemberton range at Vevie ( <>).
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Give your fitness regime a kick start with some new kit...

Cava out, cardio in. It’s that time on the calendar when we up our fitness regimes.

sportswear, from a selection at Penneys ( <>).

sportswear, from a selection at Penneys ( <>).

No matter how temporary, a devotion to fitness is undoubtedly the heavyweight of the New Year resolution list. But despite the good intentions, it’s estimated £37 million a year is wasted on unused gym memberships, according to accountants

If your resolve is slipping already, step up your motivation levels with a new fit kit. And if the workouts come to a standstill, you can always recycle your kit for an on-trend 2013 sporty look.

Following a golden Olympic year, sportswear was still at the forefront of designers’ minds, with catwalks firmly clinging on to the athletic vibe for spring/summer 13.

It’s time to make the treadmill your style runway...

Fresh air fanatic

A sports kit is a whole different ball game for those who get their fitness fix in the great outdoors.

Cotton is an absolute no-no as it absorbs heat and moisture and keeps fabric clinging to your body.

In the winter months, look to multiple layers of lightweight, breathable clothing.

High-tech ‘wicking’ fabrics help cool your body more efficiently and expel moisture like magic.

When you’re pounding the pavements, stinky old trainers just won’t do. See a footwear specialist to assess your running gait and seek a pair with soles equipped for the terrain you’re running on.

Gym bunny

Those baggy jogging bottoms you lived in during the Christmas holidays should be banished to the back of the wardrobe.

Think of your kit as a motivational cheerleader. Get off the starting blocks by investing in a sports bag so cool you’ll want to have it swinging over your shoulder as much as possible.

Put yourself on the fast track to a lean body with go-faster stripes, zingy brights and lashings of supportive Lycra that will get you bounding out of the gym changing rooms.

Banish the bounce with a supportive sports bra. If you have a bigger bust, avoid the generic ‘small’, ‘medium’ or ‘large’ versions and look for a style that’s made for your individual size.

Mat member

Those who work out in a studio or at home can forget about layers and strike a pose in super-soft cottons and silk mixes. Whether it’s yoga, Pilates or yoga-lates, your workout routines are all about stretching and flexibility, so comfort is key.

The term body-skimming might seem scary, but baggy clothing can be revealing and obstructive when you’re hovering in Downward Dog position. But go too tight and you’ll restrict your full range of motion.

Get the balance just right with clean, simple lines that gently hug the body so that you (or your instructor) can keep a check on your alignment.

Sidewalk super-jock

If your only exercise is done strutting like a supermodel then high-tech sporty details probably aren’t top of your priorities.

Instead, win gold medals for your take on the sports luxe trend with catwalk-inspired detailing. Monochrome, as seen in abundance at Alexander Wang S/S13, is the athletic colour palette to jump through hoops for.

Look for traditional gym shapes like jogging bottoms or gym shorts in surprising fabrics, like leather. You might as well take advantage of the fact that you won’t be breaking out in a sweat - unless you spot a 50 per cent off sign.

Bridge the gap between trainers and heels with a pair of wedge trainers. They’re comfortable and sporty - but definitely not made for sprinting.