Disney Literature Classics: Books collection with The Star

THE Star has launched another fantastic collection of family classic books - but this time with all the colour and spectacle of Disney.

Our selection of 25 fabulous books is entitled Disney Literature Classics - to be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse are the principal actors that derive from the great works by great writers.

The familiar irony, wit and magic of Disney are all present in these comic strip tales that take familiar stories one (or two!) steps further.

These parodies will stimulate children's curiosity, and will encourage them to read the original classics.

One of our main objectives is to encourage reading and to make a wide range of affordable books available in children's homes. We would like more children to experience the fun of reading.

The Three Muskateers – the first book in the series - was FREE to everyone who bought The Star on Tuesday, Sept 14.

All other books in the series - one out every Tuesday, from Sept 21 - will cost just 2.99 each, but only when you buy The Star from your local participating retailer.

Should you miss a book; arrangements can be made to receive back copies either by contacting your local participating retailer or The Star on Sheffield 0114-2767676, ext 3130.

It is easy to overlook the pleasure of reading when there are so many different forms of entertainment available, we hope this promotion will give the opportunity for many more children to discover the excitement and pleasure of these timeless tales.

This year's collection builds on the success of our 2009 series, the Disney Wonderful World of Knowledge, which proved popular in thousands of homes.

The Star's Children Classics followed, building into a comprehensive home library that you will treasure for years to come - and may even be passed down through the generations.

Now be sure not to miss out miss out on Disney Literature Classics.

These books will not be available to buy anywhere else - so don't miss out.

ORDER NOW:Make sure of the entire series, order The Star now with your local participating outlet, or call Sheffield 0114-2767676, ext 3130.

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