Children build miniature city

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Budding architects have designed and constructed a whole cityscape in just a few hours on a Sheffield street.

Families got the chance to make their own spectacular cardboard city outside Hartland Works, on John Street.

The road was closed off and the city was mapped out in chalk before construction began as part of the Fantastical Cities event.

Roads and rails were set out to connect all the buildings together and there were even bridges and zebra crossings made.

Local architects were on hand to help youngsters with their creations, which included a supermarket, a church and a hotel.

Entertainment in the city was also high on the agenda with a cinema, swimming pool and ferris wheel constructed.

The Fantastical Cities event was a joint venture by the Royal Institute of British Architects and Sheffield Society of Architects.

Emma England, from the RIBA, said: “It was a fantastic event. We had around 80 children there.

“They really got stuck in and made some amazing things such as schools and buses.

“It was part of our Love Architecture Festival.

“We thought it would work really well in Sheffield. We have a really active society in the city.”