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Dom Joly
Dom Joly
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IF you are truly defined by your actions then Dom Joly might well be in trouble.

Certainly his antics of the past 10 years have made for an interesting CV, including (as they do) fighting another bloke in a busy London street with both men dressed up in dog costumes.

But while his life includes a lot more than lamented Channel 4 show Trigger Happy TV, Dom struggles to define what he actually is in 2011.

Prior to telly success he was an intern in Prague for the European Commission, worked for the Herald Tribune in Paris, as an ITN producer working around Parliament and then as a diplomat.

“It was honestly the worst job I could ever be in. I’m the most undiplomatic person ever,” he admits.

Now he finds himself on his first live tour, visiting Sheffield next month.

It is entitled Welcome To Wherever I Am and will see the well-spoken maverick visiting 60 venues with some unusual ‘holiday snaps’ to help illustrate his curious past.

“I was going to call it a lot of things, like Jammy Sod or what my kids said to me the other day: What Is Dom Joly?” he says.

“I could but frankly I’m giving the critics an open book to reply so I called it Welcome To Wherever I Am because I thought it was about travel and wherever I am in my career.

“Now it just looks really rude – as if I don’t know which town I’m in.”