A good yarn as mystery wool flowers appear in Sheffield

Knitted flowers that have appeared on lampposts in Hillsborough
Knitted flowers that have appeared on lampposts in Hillsborough
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Now here’s a good yarn: mysterious wool decorations have been appearing on street furniture around Hillsborough

Dozens of colourful knitted flowers have been attached to several lamppost - and no-one appears to know hue is behind the bright idea.

The yarn bombs (as they’ve been named online) appeared overnight in the Middlewood Road and Marion Road area, and are signed by an anonymous group calling themselves simply UGAM. That’s Urban Guerilla Art Movement, to you and me.

And if the collective’s Facebook page is anything to go by, it seems they’ve made it their mission to bring a bit of brightness to this part of north Sheffield.

“Our aim colour. our target Hillsborough,” they declare.

And their method is very definitely secrecy.

When The Diary emailed, the group - in the best tradition of Banksy - declined to identify themselves.

“We are a group of residents who feel there is more to the area than football and empty shops,” a statement said. “We have decided that rather than waiting for someone else to make our area more vibrant, we shall do so ourselves. We will fill the streets with beauty.”

And they have more action planned too.

“Watch this space,” they say.