City Buzz: Woman’s mission to make life more colourful with fun Sheffield brand

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Red and yellow, pink and green, purple and orange and blue; I’m not just listing the colours of the rainbow, I’m listing the colours I see in Laura Smith’s studio.

The colour enthusiast, and all-round bubbly person, produces her own range of badges, brooches, pocket mirrors and stationery in a wide range of bold, bright and beautiful colours.

She makes her products at her Barnsley home and sells them in Sheffield-based independent store All Good Stuff and online under the aptly-named brand ‘Life is Better in Colour’.

Laura said: “The idea behind the business and all the products I make comes down to the idea that I passionately care about making life more colourful.

“As small children we are surrounded with colour; toys, clothes, interior decoration, our whole world is filled with cheerful stimuli.

“But, as soon as we get to school age, for the majority of us, the presence of multiple colours in our lives starts to decrease.

“We go to school, then work. We wear uniforms and conform to dress codes. Before you know it, all our choices are conventional, conservative and lacking in colour. I wanted to change that.”

It’s not just the wonderful array of colours that Laura uses for her products which will bring a smile to your lips and a spring in your step, it’s the motivational messages she includes on each one.

There’s a pack of pocket mirrors which pro-claim ‘you look lovely today’ before you’ve even opened the lid and badges which encourage you to ‘reach for the stars’, ‘dream big’ and ‘shine bright’.

Laura said: “I’m always looking for slogans to use on our printed products and I have a huge collection of different quotes saved onto my phone for inspiration.

“Ultimately, the phrases that are chosen are positive, uplifting, encouraging or motivational and would qualify as ‘words to live by’.

“I figure if I find them to be helpful reminders of how I want to live my life, then others might too.”

Creative Laura makes most of the products herself, but when this is not possible, she asks other Yorkshire-based companies to help her on her colour campaign.

She said: “I love getting hands on with felt and glitter and glue and buttons, and working out what wonderful creations can be made by joining these pieces in different combinations.

“My badges and pocket mirrors are manufactured for me by a Yorkshire based firm. When I’m buying my supplies, whenever possible I like to support other UK based small businesses too.”

For more information, and to browse and buy from Laura’s full collection of products, please visit You can also visit All Good Stuff, at Butcher Works in the City Centre, to buy. You can also visit and