Christmas turkey Sheffield: Four fresh farm shops in Sheffield where you can order a Christmas turkey

There are a number of farms in Sheffield where you can get a happy turkey for Christmas dinner - and many quality butchers besides.

Happy turkeys are tastier turkeys, and with Christmas approaching it's time to plan what will be on the table on December 25 - and where it's going to come from.

If you want a better breed of bird with all the trimmings this year, and want to support a local Sheffield business while you're at it, there are a number of farm shops offering well-loved, free-range poultry in the Steel City.

Farms such as Firs Farm, Hangram Lane and Wartiggs are offering some of the freshest poultry in Sheffield for the big day and are taking Christmas orders now.

And even then, there's always the choice to skip the supermarket this year and go to your local butchers to fill your order.

See our gallery below for just a few of the farms and businesses you can support in Sheffield to sort Christmas lunch this year.