Birthday bash just the biscuit at Doncaster pub

Biscuit Billy's
Biscuit Billy's
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One of Doncaster’s most popular town centre pubs is all set to mark a major milestone - as staff and regulars celebrate its 200th birthday.

The St Leger Tavern in Silver Street, will clock up the anniversary this year - and landlord Lance Jeffrey has lined up a host of celebrations to commemorate the pub’s bicentenary.

Said Lance: “We’ve got all sorts of stuff coming up. We didn’t think we could let a big anniversary go by without doing something to celebrate.”

Most drinkers will know the watering hole as Biscuit Billy’s rather than its official name - although a pub has stood on the site since 1814 when it was a traditional tavern.

However, since then it has become a popular weekend party venue, with drinkers rarely referring to the pub by its official name.

Added Lance: “The building has existed from at least 1813 but the first recorded mention of it as a public house was 1814.

“It was originally called the Three Jolly Blacksmiths and was renamed the St Leger Tavern in 1838.”

And it acquired its popular name through one of the pub’s longest serving landlords.

Said Lance: “If you ask anyone where the St Leger is, most people will say ‘do you mean Biscuit Billy’s?’

“The name came from landlord William Wills who also had a stall on Doncaster Market selling biscuits. He was refereed to as Biscuit Billy and pretty soon customers were saying ‘are we off to Biscuit Billy’s?’ and the name stuck.”

The pub will be celebrating the anniversary with parties, special cocktails and drinks offers as well as live entertaiment on seven nights a week throughout the year.

“We are a little bit vague on the exact date of the anniversary - we think it is around October but we are celebrating all year,” he said.

Visit the pub’s Facebook page for updates.