Were you right? Here's the answers to our Sheffield cutlery quiz

So, did you get the answers to our little Retro cutlery quiz right?

Friday, 1st May 2020, 12:00 am

We published a set of pictures that Nick Duggan of the Hawley Tool Collection, based at Kelham Island Museum in Sheffield, challenged Retro readers to identify.

Nick is leading a Heritage Lottery Fund-backed project called Name on a Knife Blade, which aims to get people more involved with the collection by looking at all the family firm surnames that appeared on Sheffield-made cutlery.

Although of course you cannot visit the collection at present, you can go online to hawleysheffieldknives.com to see if your own surname is included and find out more about the history of dozens of different cutlery firms and the characters who worked in them.

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This piece (reference number 8195) is one of the real mystery items. It may be for removing olive or cherry stones

It’s a fascinating way to learn more about the city’s rich industrial heritage

Here’s the answers, with the reference numbers that were on the picture captions.

P1070853 was a spoon warmer, which had to be filled with hot water, made by Joseph Mappin. I wonder why anyone needed pre-warmed spoons, was it for a certain type of food?

IMG 6972 was a patented orange peeler with a mother of pearl handle.

This was the spoon warmer made by Joseph Mappin (P1070853)

IMG 7320 was a small scoop for bone marrow.

IMG 8195 is a real mystery object, says Nick, which may remove stones from olives or cherries.

IMG 8498 is a candle snuffer, made by William Hutton.

P1070971 is an oyster fork with an unusual green handle.

Sorry, no answer for IMG 0326, which may be a meat or bread fork

IMG 0326 is another mystery item – with a 1906 collar and made by Yates Brothers, it was possibly a bread or meat fork.

IMG 8693 is not for the dining table – it’s an ink eraser made by Mosley. Nick says it’s the original Tippex!

P1060725 is a Victorian sugar sifter, made by William Hutton.

IMG 8672 is another mystery piece, which Nick says may belong on a cheeseboard.

Nobody knows for certain but this little fella, IMG 8672, may have belonged on a cheeseboard
IMG 6972 is a patented orange peeler with a mother of pearl handle
IMG 7320 is revealed as a small scoop for eating bone marrow
This piece, IMG 8693, was not for the dining table. It's an ink eraser, made by Mosley
IMG 8498 is a pair of candle snuffers, made by William Hutton
P1070971 is revealed as an oyster fork with an unusual green handle
This lovely object, P1060725, is a Victorian sugar sifter, made by William Hutton