Sheffield retro: 26 nostalgic pictures show life in Sheffield in 1975 - seen in colour for the first time

It was Sheffield in the colourful days of glam rock – but in print, all was in black and white.

But now, nearly 50 years on, we have used technology to transform nostalgic black and white pictures taken in 1975, from our archives, into colour, to show the world in which we took those pictures in the colour that was the reality.

The selection of pictures we have taken ranges right across Sheffield’s cultural spectrum, all the way from our schools and universities, to clubs, shops and cinemas.

Some of the little details take the reader right back to the 70s, with little things like the poster of the pop group Queen in one of the images, and the old style cassette player perched on a desk.

There are also pictures of crowds of city youngsters waiting to see Royal visitors, lining the streets as they wait for them to arrive.

The fashions and haircuts, meanwhile, could scarcely come from any other era.

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